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About PFLAG Oklahoma City

The Importance of PFLAG in Our Local Community

PFLAG Oklahoma City is OKC's local chapter of PFLAG national, the nation's largest family and ally organization. Since its founding in 1973, it has evolved to include all members of the LGBTQ+ community, families and allies. 

PFLAG Oklahoma City's mission is to provide education, advocacy, and support for everyone connected to the LGBTQ+ community. Our functions include peer support for parents navigating unfamiliar terrain and LGBTQ+ people seeking their chosen family. We want everyone to have the tools and education they need to effectively advocate for themselves, or on behalf of their loved ones. PFLAG OKC is passionate about creating an inclusive community in Oklahoma City where all are truly welcome.

It would not be a stretch to say that the work of PFLAG saves lives. Human beings are social animals. We need to belong to a loving, protective community and when we don’t, we hurt in so many ways.  When LGBTQ+ kids are affirmed and supported by their families they’re less likely to suffer from depression or attempt suicide. When families are supported, they’re better able to provide the emotional resources their LGBTQ children/siblings need. 

In addition to organized meetings, board members often provide individual support for individuals who require more than our group discussions, or who are not always comfortable sharing in a group setting. This can take the form of informal visits, phone calls, or referrals to agencies who can provide specialized services beyond the scope of PFLAG.

PFLAG OKC's core functions include monthly support groups, advocacy for all associated with the LGBTQ+ community, hosting potlucks, speakerships, film screenings, development trainings, and more.

Current Leadership & Board

Brande Sanders

Brande Sanders, PFLAG OKC Board President

Board President
Peer Support Facilitator

Brande became involved with PFLAG OKC in 2015. She become involved in the community after her youngest daughter came out as lesbian, and eldest daughter as pansexual. Although Brande was fully affirming to her daughters, she learned that not all families were as supportive. She wanted to provide support and advocacy to the LGBTQ+ community and felt that PFLAG OKC was the best outlet. Brande lives in OKC and works as a mortgage loan consultant.

Rebekah Wilson


Board Vice President
Peer Support Facilitator

Rebekah became involved with PFLAG OKC in 2014. From growing up as the oldest of 6, to working in mental health services, community has always been a priority for Rebekah. But it was coming out as a lesbian that made community her passion. She joined PFLAG OKC out of gratitude to those who supported her before she could support herself, and her belief that the hospitality of All Are Welcome saves lives.

Charles Shah


Board Treasurer

 Charles joined PFLAG OKC in 2017. He is a Federal Accountant with the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, where Charles manages federal grants. Charles has been in the Accounting field for over 10 years and has volunteered with several LGBTQ+ organizations in the past. Charles is committed to helping PFLAG OKC continue to thrive and grow.

Charles is known for his love of Mathematics, but is also crazy about his friends and family, in addition to community service.

Lisa DelCol

PFLAG OKC Board Member, Lisa DelCol.

Board Member

Peer Support Facilitator

Lisa came to PFLAG looking for support and resources when one of her twin teens came out as nonbinary. Even though she had always been a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community in principle, she got a whole different perspective of the issues and challenges they face as her child brought her along on their journey. Lisa is grateful for the support and education she’s gotten from the meetings, and tries to return that support by serving as one of the group’s facilitators, mentoring other parents, and by serving as a member of the PFLAG Oklahoma City Board of Directors as a Member at Large. She lives in Oklahoma City with her kids Dylan and Nikita who are high school seniors, and she’s conflicted about becoming an empty-nester in 2019.

Jimmy Nguyen

PFLAG OKC Board Member, Jimmy Nguyen

Board Member

Jimmy became involved with PFLAG OKC in 2017. He found his way to PFLAG through his community service with the homeless population in the metro. He found that there was a significant part of that demographic that was LGBTQ+. PFLAG provides much needed support and education to not only those that need it to help them adjust and cope with the reality that a loved one has come out to them, but also the general public as a whole. Jimmy feels a great synergy in educating families so that less LGBTQ+ individuals will suffer homelessness due to ignorance. Jimmy lives in OKC and is a local realtor.

Tessa White

PFLAG OKC Board Member, Tessa White

Board Member

Tess joined PFLAG OKC in 2017. She loves the fact that families and allies are the heartbeat of PFLAG.  Originally from Oklahoma City, Tess is a former United States Marine and retired Police Detective Sergeant from the Seacoast region of New Hampshire, and currently owns her own heating and air conditioning company. Tess is a proud mom to five children, including two sets of twins, ranging from ages 9 to 22. Tess is a staunch LGBTQ+ activist and belongs to numerous LGBTQ+ organizations, both locally and nationally. Tessa's dream is to work with families, especially LGBTQ+ youth. Tess has lost all contact with her non-affirming parents since coming out. Affirming and supportive parents and family always capture her heart and admiration.